Catherine Lippinois, visual artist

Catherine Lippinois spent her childhood between the plateaus of the Massif Central and the rugged coast of Brittany. Her mother and her ancestors introduced her to needlework: Breton embroidery, Auvergne lace...

When she left home, she set up a weaving workshop in Provence and ran several workshops in textile creation in Quercy. She then found herself in the Bordeaux region, where she discovered the Gironde estuary. Aboard the yacht that she lived upon for several years, her visual art took on a new dimension. Fascinated by the immensity of the mud flats along the estuary, this became one of the bases of her work. Mud, the origin of all life, is spread over bed sheets, the genesis of human life. She also uses a wide range of other natural materials: earth, leaves, fruit, flowers, pollen...

Since returning to the land, she has been exploring the treasures collected during her many travels.
Putting forms around voids.
Being present, but in silence.
Leaving a trace but only a discreet one.
Choosing the materials of life.
Taking them already used and abandoned.
A used bed sheet that tells our story.
Flower petals and plant saps
Mud from the river, and sand from by the sea
An abandoned jumper, herbal teas...
Traces of soil and signs of life.

Among her current projects: "Invitation to travel", a piece of work about the earth that speaks; "A thousand b in the city", a story of walking through the city; and a new piece of unseen work, "Granum sinapis."

Among her projects entrusted to the Company: "Pectorals" for "Sororities;" "Tablecloth of wines" for "Shores, roots, sceneries;" "Moons" for "Katarekuna;" "Bifaces" and "Granum sinapis" for "The One giving;" "Diary of an earth-dweller" for "Exile(s);" "Auxiliairies" for "Brundibar or the So Big Bad Noise;" and "A journey to China" for "Because".

Un diaporama de ses expositions est consultable ici

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